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hawaii wedding photographers

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george - lead photographer

Fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese, George was originally born and raised in Taiwan. Living in Hawai'i now for 30 years, George has photographed thousand of weddings for both local and visiting families. With his widely acclaimed journalistic style, George focuses on creating the organic story of each couple's unique day. His charming and generous personality also allows him to connect with the newlyweds in a way that few photographers can, helping him to preserve their spontaneous, candid moments in an artful manner.

For George, it is these spontaneous events that reveal our true relationships with the significant people around us. He therefore passionately devotes himself to achieving excellence in every shot, ensuring that each photo not only captures his subject, but also an unforgettable memory. George knows he has fulfilled his artistic goals every time he sees the happy newlyweds enjoying his elegant and striking images of their wedding day. George is honored to provide you with his ability to turn seemingly “everyday” moments into your family’s treasures.


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