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éclat [ ā'klä ] n. — fragment, flash, spark, glamour, vividness

fragments of life….

We believe that life's most important moments are the spontaneous ones. The unexpected sigh, the unprompted smile, the unabashed glance — these natural moments speak volumes that words can not. They vividly reveal our personalities. They disclose the nature of our hearts. They bring to light the dynamics of our most significant relationships. Life is a series of such instances, fleeting sparks of truth that, unless caught, end up lost in the passage of time.

At éclat, your radiant day will be taken care of. Stylish and fun, sophisticated and emotional, candid and beautiful — your images will remain with you and yours for generations. We are honored to provide our vision & service transforming your event from mere recollections into a permanent part of your life.

         ....captured forever

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